The Early Modern Circle is an informal, interdisciplinary seminar open to interested students, academics and researchers. The group meets at 6:15 pm, during semester, usually on the third Monday of the month. All seminars take place in William Macmahon Ball Theatre (Room 107), Old Arts



Semester 1 2020

Monday 24 February

Professor Evelyn Welch, Kings College London

Renaissance Wrinkles

Monday 20 April

Dr Finola Finn, Durham University

Translating historical research into new mediums: Making and reflecting on ‘Know thyself’

- postponed because of COVID-19

Monday 18 May

Dr Charlotte Millar, University of Melbourne

Urban Ghosts: Space and Spectral Narratives in Early Modern London - postponed because of COVID-19


Semester 2 2020

Monday 17 August

Dr Sarah Bendall, University of Melbourne

“Ffor whalebones to it”: The baleen trade and fashion in early modern Europe












Monday 21 September

Dr Matthew Champion, Australian Catholic University

The Sands of Time: Histories of the Medieval and Early Modern Hourglass









Monday 19 October

Dr Darius von Güttner, The University of Melbourne

“Born to rule men” - Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland

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